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The dose pen rechargeable is a precision wellness device created by combining the dose controller with the dosist formula pod (sold separately) to create a rechargeable, sustainable and flexible experience. lsd tabs


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Dose Pen UK

Introducing the dose pen rechargeable.

Buy Dosist Pen UK

The dose pen rechargeable is our new, exclusive innovation that provides you with a rechargeable, sustainable and flexible experience. The dose pen rechargeable joins our newly engineered dose pen 100 disposable pen to give you more options than ever to take control of your health & happiness.Buy Dosist Pen UK

Precision perfected.

The dose pen rechargeable and dose pen 100 are designed to deliver safe, effective cannabis-based targeted formulas in a precise dose, each and every time.
Meet the dose pen rechargeable.
The dose pen rechargeable is a precision wellness device created by combining the dose controller with the dosist formula pod (sold separately) to create a rechargeable, sustainable and flexible experience.Buy Dosist Pen UK
Precision & control.
Engineered for performance, the dose pen rechargeable is powered by an intelligent battery management system, the latest generation flex circuit technology, a ceramic wick for faster oil saturation and a medical grade stainless steel coil for even temperature ramp.The dose pen rechargeable produces a consistent 2.5mg dose each time. A complete dose is measured at three seconds and the dose pen rechargeable will alert you with a slight vibration and shut off automatically.Buy Dosist Pen UK
The formula pod. dmt vape

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The dosist formula pod is made from medical grade materials and each pod contains 500mg of targeted formula cannabis oil.The formula pod works exclusively with the dose controller and connects via a custom magnetic hold using 24k gold electrical contacts for the most consistent and reliable power connection available. tko carts
The dose controller.
The dose controller is a custom-built lithium-ion battery with a microcontroller unit that allows for precision dose control.The controller houses a proprietary temperature, airflow and bracket system that optimizes cannabinoid use and dosage. our usa supplier

Using the dose pen rechargeable and dose pen 100.

Inhale slowly and steadily though the mouthpiece.
For a single 2.5mg dose, inhale until the pen vibrates.
Stop inhaling once the pen vibrates. The pen will shut off automatically.

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10pens, 1pen, 2pens, 5pens

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