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Kosher Kush is an award-winning indica known for it’s potent, full-bodied high. The strain originated in Los Angeles and was immediately recognized for its deeply relaxing high accompanied by a heaviness that sets in throughout the users entire body, making Kosher Kush a favorite amongst evening consumers. Contains a single preroll with 1.0g flower.


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Buy Kosher Kush Preroll, Kosher Kush is a potent, 80/20, Indica-Dominant mixture of obscure starting points which might have been honored by a rabbi. This hard-hitting strain’s unique LA road name “Jew’s Gold” was changed by the new raisers to maintain a strategic distance from the offense. What is clear is this sharp cross breed’s capacity to actuate incredible unwinding while (why not?) expanding a hankering for Bubbe’s noodle pudding.

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Legitimate Kush is a strong, 80/20, Indica-Dominant mixture of obscure inceptions that might possibly have been honored by a rabbi. This hard-hitting strain’s unique LA road name “Jew’s Gold” was changed by the new raisers to keep away from the offense. What is clear is this sharp half breed’s capacity to actuate incredible unwinding while (why not?) expanding a hankering for Bubbe’s noodle pudding.

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43 Reviews For This Product

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